The Nano Wars

In the year 2015, life on planet Earth was… Quaint. A black man was president, which was considered to be very progressive. Humanity still believed digital watches to be a cool idea, And the soon to be new rulers of the world, the Penguins, were still plotting their epic departure from the frigid cold wasteland of Antarctica and onto the warm waters of… Well anywhere else in the world. In fact, Earth was still 100 or so years away from perfecting warp drive, and thus they remained mostly harmless… Except to themselves. As such, the entry of a warp drive ship went largely unnoticed, except by one intern who was too occupied with swooning over another more attractive intern to notice the small blip in the computer monitor, and it was a good thing that he hadn’t, because the discovery of alien life could have sent all of humanity into a technological age that they weren’t ready for.

Truthfully, the little town of Rexburg, ID was not ready for such technology either, but it was about to have such knowledge thrust upon them, knowledge that was absolutely life changing for a few individuals….