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Locutus of Borg


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Currently at this point, nothing is known of his history, except that Locutus comes from a sentient race, programmed to assimilate all possible lifeforms, and thereby achieving absolute peace by dominant control over the mind and body. However, Locutus appeared to be different; when Dr. Thaddeus discovered him, he was capable of emotion and cognitive thought without having to receive orders.

Locutus’ ship was found wandering the asteroid belt nearby Thaddeus’ science facility. He retained no memories of a past life, except for brief knowledge of the Borg and his own name. Thaddeus took him in and performed tests on him, as well as used him around the facility for extra defense and maintenance.


Locutus is a Borg. Not much is known about the Borg, as it is suspected that Locutus comes from a different realm of existence. What knowledge has been derived by Doctor Thaddeus is the following:

- The Borg are Hiveminded beings. Locutus is humanoid, and it is suspected that they have been adapted from different species.

- The Borg are connected back to a Hive Lord. While Locutus does not have any subordinates, Thaddeus hypothesizes that Locutus is in fact a Hive Lord; he feels emotions, and makes rational decisions on his own, without deferring to anyone else.

- The Borg are both mechanical and organic in nature. Doctor Thaddeus seems to feel that if one Borg in the Hive gets sick, all the Hive will adapt and overcome the sickness together, making them completely immune. However, tests were inconclusive because Thaddeus was unable to replicate a master-slave connection between Locutus and another organic.

- Though organic connections were unavailable, Dr. Thaddeus discovered that Locutus was able to connect to the mind of a computer and take dominance over it.

Locutus of Borg

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