For this campaign, we will be using Pathfinder rules. However, I will be modifying them slightly to fit my needs. For example, a warrior will focus more on guns and other long range weaponry as opposed to brute force. Hopefully the changes will be simplistic enough to make it an easy transition, yet significant enough that it will fit our needs and make the game fun to play.

Most classes would be by and large un-modified; perception still is perception, athletics, athletics, but a few extra class skills will be tacked on. In the future, not every character is a brute force fighter, but can still cause significant damage to the enemy. Below is a list of new classes that will be added to this particular campaign. Disclaimer: this list is a work in progress. I reserve the right to modify any information as necessary.

Mek Fighter


Intergalactic Paladin

Nano Warrior



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