Mek Rules

Mek Rules

General Rules

The mek is a versatile piece of equipment; it can be geared to be lightweight and fast, or it can be geared to be a one-man army, chugging its way into battle, loaded with weapons and armor so powerful it decimates hordes of victims.

Each Mek can hold a certain weight as weapons, armor and thrusters, as well as extra weight, which can be fitted inside the cockpit of the machine. Generally, a Mek is fitted with plate armor on the outside that can be removed in parts for portability, ease of replacing damaged parts, and of course, speed. There are, of course, several different types of metals that can be used, each with advantages and disadvantages, with weight and defensive capability taken into account.

Each Mek will be equipped with thrusters to power it, but as weight increases, the speed of the Mek will decrease. Furthermore, targeting systems are something Meks use, and depending on the technology used and the class of the Mek itself, the Mek will have higher or lower abilities in many aspects. Each Mek is different in that manner, and the potential disadvantage to being a Mek Fighter is that each system has the potential to be damaged separately. But not to worry! That is what armor plating is for! Below is a list of different systems on a Mek:

  • Mobility, such as wheels, legs, etc.
  • Mek computer systems, which include targeting, life support, and other basic needs
  • Power Source for the Mek
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Cameras and sight
  • Thrusters
  • Arms, such as hands, claws, hooks, etc.

Meks are used in more than just combat; in fact, most Meks are used in construction, mining, and factory work. They are especially useful in space operations, where repairs to the outside of a ship are necessary.

Mek Thruster Capabilities

A Mek can be overencumbered up to 25% over the total weight capacity, at the price of 1/3rd speed. If he has higher weight than that, he cannot move at all, and will have a chance to break pieces of his Mek permanently.

If a Mek is at half its weight capacity, its speed will be 1.5 times its speed. If a Mek is at quarter its weight, its speed will double.

Mek Weapon Capabilities

Mek weapons suffer no penalty if they are overweight. Chance to hit is based on either the Ranged or Melee attack of the Mek Fighter. A weapon may change the chances to hit, as well as the targeting systems of the Mek.

Mek Armor Capabilities

Mek armor does not suffer penalties if they are overweight, either. Furthermore, thruster speed is not affected by armor type either. However, the Mek’s mobility in combat and its walking speed can be affected by medium and heavy plated armor.

Mek Class Capabilities

Mek Class

Outside Weight Capacity

Total Weight Capacity

Total Weapon Slots


1000 kg




1500 kg




2500 kg




4000 kg



Mek Rules

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