Starship Rules

Starship Rules

Space is quite large. At 28 BILLION parsecs and growing, it is rather impossible to travel its entirety, even in a hundred lifetimes, and that is only accounting for THIS plane of existence. Its vastness is simply overwhelming, and traveling between even short distances, such as from planet to planet was very difficult until the discovery of warp drives and faster, more efficient traveling.

Like Meks, starships come in all shapes and sizes; some are built for intergalactic travel, others for intergalactic warfare. All ships, however, have some sort of hyperdrive built into it.

General Rules

All starships have the following

  • Propulsion
  • An energy source
  • Life support
  • Communications
  • A mainframe computer

For a ship to leave a planet’s atmosphere, it is necessary to have all of these items, except for communications devices. If a ship’s propulsion is sabotaged or malfunctions, it will be stranded in space. If life support is disabled, everyone on the ship except for mechanical beings will not be able to sustain life. It is necessary to have someone that is well trained that can make sure that the ships vitals are running properly, or you run the risk of losing your entire crew.

The following are possible positions that can be held on a ship by members of the party:

Each function is an important task, and with a proper crew everything will run smoothly.


There are two things that can affect propulsion speed: The ship’s engine (the Energy Source) and the ship’s thrusters. A thruster needs to recieve power to be able to move, and with insufficient power, its maximum speed is throttled. Each owned thruster will have an energy requirement to function properly.

A thruster has a max speed. However, speed may be increased for short bursts of time. A ship may be double the maximum speed for an hour, triple the speed for fifteen minutes, and times five speed for one minute without any penalty. However, if this time is past, the navigator will have to roll a saving throw to not have the ship’s thrusters, or worse, the engine destroyed.

If you are in a pinch and need to go faster, there is also the option of dumping the cargo to go faster. If the cargo hold is at 25% capacity or less, you will experience an increase of speed of 10% faster. Furthermore, if you are using light weapons and light armor, you will experience an increase of 25% instead.

Weapons and Armor

Unlike Meks, a ship does not have a weight capacity for weapons and armor. However, to wear heavy armor, the ship must be A or S class.

Class-Specific capabilities


Max # of Weapons









Starship Rules

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